Villa Maria has established a number of ways to recognize and honour student achievement, community involvement and contributions to school life. We do this to encourage involvement in the school community and beyond, to recognize student achievement in its many forms and to foster and encourage a sense of community responsibility.


Special mentions will be awarded to students from Secondary 1 to 4 who have posted a final 3-term average of 85%. A report produced by the school organization will be noted on the report card and a certificate from the office of the Director of Educational Services will be mailed to the student’s home.  In the case of students who graduate from Secondary 5 with Honours, the school organization will produce a report, the honours mention will be noted on the report card as well as in the graduation program, and a certificate from the sector office will be presented at the graduation ceremony.


Every year, the Awards Ceremony recognizes students who have made remarkable achievements in one or more of the following categories: academic achievement, academic progress, know-how, helpfulness, effort and perseverance, involvement and positive attitude, dedication, quality of work, and more.


At the end of the 1st and 2nd terms, each teacher awards special mentions to students who have distinguished themselves in different ways: perseverance, participation, attitude, excellence, progress, etc.  Students who have accumulated a certain number of these mentions are recognized at assemblies and receive a certificate.


Villa Maria Medal: Awarded annually to the graduating student who best represents the sprit of Villa Maria through their efforts, cooperation and involvement, as well as their respect and openness to others. The recipient of this medal is a well-rounded student who has demonstrated academic achievement, respect for others and active participation in school life over 5 years at Villa Maria. 

Other prizes and awards are presented at the graduation ceremony:

English Sector

  • Academic prizes
  • Tony Shorgan Prize
  • Jacqueline Leduc Prize
  • Exemplary Student Award
  • Josephine Watters Memorial Award
  • Lucie Quesnel Prize
  • McGill University Science Award
  • University of Toronto Book Award
  • Humanitarian & Global Citizenship Award
  • Lieutenant Governor’s Award
  • Mothers’ Guild Awards
  • Thérèse Casgrain Prize
  • And many more.

Prestigious scholarships are offered each year: 

  • Catherine Tutino Scholarship
  • Brenda & Mario Plescia Scholarship
  • Mothers’ Guild Bursary and Scholarships

French Sector

  • Academic prizes
  • Group prizes
  • Student Life Prize
  • Perseverance Prize
  • Nellie Maillard Prize
  • Jacqueline Leduc Prize
  • Lucie Quesnel Prize
  • Quebec Lieutenant Governor’s Award
  • Governor General’s Academic Medal
  • And many more.

Prestigious scholarships are offered each year:

  • Lucille Desjardins Scholarship
  • Thérèse Casgrain Scholarship