Multimedia Centre

At Villa Maria, we put innovation to work in support of learning. The school is equipped with the latest technology, including a multimedia production centre that features a film studio and eight editing suites. These top-quality facilities allow students to produce multimedia projects in a unique learning environment. 

Students use the media centre on a scheduled basis with the multimedia teacher, or with other teachers in the course of multidisciplinary projects. Students can also come to work during the lunch hour or after school until 4:30 p.m.

At Villa Maria, students enrich their knowledge and learn basic techniques: how to shoot/edit videos with semi-professional, high-performance software used in the industry, etc.

When they graduate high school, students will have acquired basic knowledge in multimedia. They will find the same tools and software at CEGEP if they are moving towards studies in graphic design, communications, multimedia or other related fields. 

Multimedia projects are very popular with students discovering new ways to express themselves. Working on group projects, they develop a common language with a collective goal.

Our multimedia service offers support to students, teachers and school staff for educational activities or extracurricular activities, shows, plays and concerts.