How should I prepare my child for the entrance examination?

The entrance exam covers the first five years of elementary school. If students have worked well and successfully, they should pass the entrance exam without needing to study extensively.

How many students take the entrance exam?

Between 450 and 550 students take the entrance exam for the English sector and between 650 and 750 students take the entrance exam for the French sector. 

What does the entrance exam involve?

Entrance exams last approximately 2 to 2 and a half hours. The school provides all the materials necessary to complete the exam. Your child will be given the following tests: mathematics, composition in English and French, as well as an English or French reading comprenhension test, depending on the sector she/he registered for.


How many students attend Villa Maria?

The French sector has about 800 students and the English sector has more than 800 students.

What is the average number of students per class?

Each class has an average of 34 students.

Is Villa Maria a multi-ethnic environment?

At Villa Maria, our students and their family come from 74 different nationalities and speak 32 languages. This cultural mosaic enriches our school and is highly stimulating for our students.

Are there ways to ease the transition from elementary to High School?

At Villa Maria, we support students as they transition to our school. In August, we have a welcome squad that is assigned to mentor new students. As students grow more accustomed to the school, we strongly encourage them to get involved in school life (sports, activities, co-curricular activities) to continue meeting new friends.  Our teaching team also meets several times at the beginning of the year to determine whether students require additional support or assistance.  

Who do I contact if my child is having academic difficulties or adjustment problems?

Your first contact is the assistant director. She will act as the link between your child and your child’s teachers. Once the problem is identified, the assistant director may recommend talking with other resource people such as the guidance counsellor or the director of educational services.

What happens if we take a vacation outside scheduled Holidays on the school calendar?

You must contact your child's assistant director to explain the reasons for the trip. An absence for a non-urgent personal trip is not motivated.

Who should I notify for lateness or an absence?

You must call the supervisors office or notify us through the portal.

English Sector

(514) 484-4950, ext. 1639.

French Sector

(514) 484-4950, ext. 1633.

Can students leave campus at lunchtime?

Secondary 1 to 3 students are not allowed to leave campus during lunchtime. However, they can eat outside in good weather.

What is the best means of transport to get to Villa Maria?

College Villa Maria is accessible by various means of transit:

  • By Metro: Orange Line. The Villa-Maria metro station is located close to the school.
  • By commuter train: The Vaudreuil-Hudson, Candiac and St-Jérôme lines stop at the Vendôme station, one stop before the Villa-Maria Metro station.
  • By bus: Buses 24, 103 and 162 stop at the Villa-Maria Metro station. Buses 17 and 138 pass two blocks from the school.
  • By car. Please note that cars must enter via the Notre-Dame-de-Grâce entrance (between Grey and Claremont). Consult the access map.


Why choose a private school?

  • Generally, students perform better academically. We closely monitor success rates and entrance to CEGEPs. We draw on this data to make sure we provide proper teaching and support for students and teachers. As a result, we continue to achieve high success rates.
  • Private schools place special emphasis on values. Our beliefs, which are transmitted to our students and faculty, are shared with the families who choose our school. They believe, as we do, that education is paramount in the life of a child.
  • In the private sector, expectations for behaviour and academic success are generally higher than in the public sector. We provide students with the opportunity and tools they need to really concentrate on learning without being distracted.
  • Students are often invited to participate in meaningful cultural activities and a wide variety of sports activities.
  • We strive to provide facilities and equipment that exceed the expectations of young people and allow them to explore all the avenues they are interested in.
  • Private schools are on the cutting edge of education. By incorporating new education technologies, we help lead the way in pioneering new teaching methods.

Are private school fees tax deductible?

No. There is no deduction. Only costs related to childcare are deductible.

Do private school teachers need a special certification?

In Quebec, private schools that receive Ministry funding are required to hire teachers who meet provincial educational requirements. In addition, at Villa Maria, our teachers must complete 10 hours of professional training per year.

What exactly does "private school" mean?

In Quebec, education works on a two-tier system. There are private schools funded by the government, and other private schools that are not.