School Success

School Success

Villa Maria has established a partnership with the firm School Success to enhance its support of students with learning difficulties.

Thanks to this partnership, parents and students wishing individual support services can call on School Success for access to the services of a tutor in person or via an innovative online class.

Their certified tutors will set clear and realistic objectives with your family:

  • Review notions seen in class 
  • Help with homework and studies 
  • Reinforce student’s learning 
  • Review concepts before exams 
  • Teach effective work methods and learning strategies
  • Ensure regular communication between parents and the school regarding the work completed during tutoring sessions.

This work will be consistent with the school’s programs and carried out in collaboration with the teaching team. Consequently, the impact of work done outside the school will be felt in the classroom.

A few numbers

Number of students followed
during the year 2018-2019
Average improvement of students
during the year 2018-2019
Secondary 14110%
Secondary 23113%
Secondary 3337%
Secondary 42614%
Secondary 52320%

For information on School Success fees and the registration process, click on the following link:, or call Ms. Madeleine Domaschio at 514 504‑6441, extension #614 or at