Guidance Services

Guidance Counselling services at Villa Maria target these main areas:


Helping students achieve their best results at school through guidance in study skills, motivation, and exam anxiety.

Education and Career Orientation 

In order to assist students to set realistic career goals, the Guidance Counsellor encourages and supports students to explore and take advantage of a wide range of available resources in the career choice process, such as community resources, college and university open houses, and online career guidance programs. She provides students with up-to-date information about college and university programs, and assists them in the completion of applications for further education.

Personal and social development

The Guidance Counsellor helps students develop a positive self-concept and appropriate social skills, and when appropriate offers short-term counselling and referral to outside professional assistance.

The Guidance Counsellor organizes multiple activities to motivate students in their personal and academic development:

  • College and university information evening
  • Presentation by professionals from various backgrounds
  • Conferences
  • And many more.

For more information, please contact:

English Sector

Lucy Beneventi
Guidance Counsellor
extension 3229

French Sector

Steve Larose
Guidance Counsellor
extension 3224