Building Blocks Tutorials

Building Blocks Tutorials

At Villa Maria, student success is important to us. We’re proud to offer mid-year and final exam review sessions, thanks to a new partnership with Building Blocks Tutorials.

These exam preparation sessions are intended to mirror and reinforce material covered in class, as well as help students adopt effective strategies for success in these exams. These group sessions have helped thousands of students in the past, providing them with complementary learning and the confidence required to perform to the best of their abilities. 

Thanks to the extensive experience of our new partner, students can benefit from:

  • Highly qualified, passionate and dedicated tutors;
  • Customized academic content thanks to close collaboration between teachers and tutors;
  • Group review sessions held at school two to three weeks prior to exams;
  • Review sessions covering key exam problems with step-by-step solutions and tips;
  • Supplementary practice problems and solution booklets.

For further information on Building Blocks Tutorials, please contact Mr. Joe Lumia by email at or by phone at 514-830-0236.