Assistant Directors

Along with the Director of Educational Services, the Assistant Directors ensure the quality of all activities related to academic programs, teaching approaches and evaluation. The Assistant Directors follow-up on students' academic and disciplinary records collaborating with teachers, parents and other members of the admin team to help lead all students reach their full potential while at Villa Maria.

Within a co-ed environment and in collaboration with the faculty, the Assistant Directors foster a safe, progressive and stimulating environment geared towards the development of  the whole student.  Working directly with the student body, they help create a sense of belonging for the students and pride in their school.

In short, the Assistant Directors: 

  • monitor student academic progress and create school success plans to ensure each student flourishes
  • follow up on any challenges faced by students
  • collaborate with the school team and families to monitor the intervention plans for students who have academic/behavioural difficulties
  • act as a liaison between the staff, students, parents and parent associations

For more information, please contact:

English Sector

Nadia Martone 
Assistant Director - Educational Services 
English Sector, Secondary 1 and 2 
extension 3268

Sandra Louis 
Assistant Director - Educational Services 
English Sector, Secondary 3, 4 and 5 
extension 3237 

French Sector

Geneviève Hogue
Assistant Director - Educational Services
French Sector, Secondary 1 and 2
extension 3227

Odie Miller-Maboungou
Assistant Director - Educational Services 
French Sector, Secondary 3, 4 and 5
extension 3225