Interactive Classroom

The Interactive Classroom

The interactive classroom is an interactive and active learning environment. Equipped with a host of tools, students move around the classroom and interact with technological devices according to the learning tasks on which they are working. Modular mobile furniture makes it easy to configure the classroom for individualized, paired or team-based activities.  

The interactive classroom is designed to:

  • stimulate exploration, investigation, experimentation and discovery by the students;
  • stimulate creativity, collaboration and communication between teachers and students;
  • allow a variety of teaching approaches, promoting active student learning;
  • provide a multi-sensory environment that maximizes students’ mental abilities;
  • optimize student learning and develop skills by leveraging the potential of innovative technologies.

The Technological Learning Environment

The interactive classroom is designed to include relaxation and work areas that encourage concentration and creativity. The design promotes collaboration wherein students work together by interacting with technology. The glassed wall lets in natural light and makes the space more inviting and enjoyable for students.

From a technological point of view, students can project the contents of their iPad onto three tactile interactive digital displays. Together, they can expand their learning by directly manipulating 2D and 3D media content on the screen. A 3D camera is connected to one of the screens, allowing students to project, manipulate and work with real objects as they move from the concrete to the abstract. A 3D printer helps stimulate and develop visualization capabilities and mental representations, which are essential to the development of abstract thinking. In addition, students can invent new objects, design them and print them in 3D. 

This environment, combined with innovative teaching practices, takes full advantage of technological potential and opens students to the working world of tomorrow.