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Villa Lingua
English Language Arts

Language experience opens the mind and encourages cognitive growth and divergent learning strategies. Students experience high-quality linguistic experiences in curricular English and French as well as extra-curricular opportunities to learn Spanish and Mandarin.

English Language Arts

The goal of this program is to promote the reading and creation of a wide variety of texts: written, spoken, and media.

Our enriched English Language Arts program develops and hones essential language and communication skills which serve our students well when they enrol in post-secondary education and enter their chosen career paths.

Students explore a wide range of themes in both classic and modern literature. They are encouraged to respond to literature in a variety of ways, including personal responses, creative projects (both oral and written) and both formal and informal essays.

The writing program fosters purposeful writing; defending thesis, selection of appropriate writing form, with attention given to citation requirements, as well as the conventions of language (spelling and grammar.)

In addition to the Language Arts program, all students complete a Writing Skills course in Secondary 3 with a focus on academic writing; standards, practices, and requirements. The course acts as a bridge between the Middle School, where students are encouraged to explore the power of language, and the academic rigour established in the High School subjects.

At Villa Maria, we espouse a belief in common core education at the Middle School and Secondary 3 levels. As such, English Language Arts option courses are offered at the High School level only. These include:

  • Media and Communication
  • Media and Technology
  • North American Literature


Villa Maria students have a wide variety of linguistic backgrounds and abilities. The primary objective of our French programs is to give students the tools and confidence necessary to help them integrate fully into francophone life, to become familiar with Québec and other French-language cultures. In so doing, they will develop competencies in reasoning, problem-solving and self-awareness.

Two programs are offered:

French Second Language Advanced

The French Second Language Advanced program caters to those students whose French language competencies closely mirror those of French Mother Tongue learners. Students follow an accelerated second language program which allows them to complete enrichment studies in French literature and Media in Secondary 5. These courses provide study credits in French Language of Instruction.

French Second Language Enriched

French Second Language Enriched provides the students with a demanding second language environment throughout the five years at Villa Maria.

At the Middle School level (Secondary 1 and 2), French language studies are also enhanced through instruction in French in the following courses: arts plastiques, musique, éducation physique. Students in French Second Language Advanced as well as one group of the Enriched class also follow a French language social studies program: géographie et histoire. As the students progress through the High School (Secondary 3 – 5), musique continues to be offered in French.

Mandarin and Spanish

Beginner or intermediate level learning opportunities are available to all students in both Mandarin and Spanish. These courses are offered on an after-school basis.

  • FrenchLanguage of Instruction
  • Public Speaking
  • Literary Magazine
  • Speaking and writing competitions
  • Meeting authors and artists