The learning environment at Villa Maria is based on fostering mutual respect and courtesy.

Students are required to fully participate in and actively contribute to all classroom activities. This involves being respectful to their classmates, teachers and the learning environment. 

Students must pay special attention to all written and verbal instructions, being sure to understand and  follow them.

Students are encouraged to think about what they are learning and to ask relevant questions to increase their understanding. However, students must use appropriate methods to indicate to their teacher and/or classmates that they wish to do so.

All students must invest the appropriate amount of time and effort inside and outside the classroom to meet the established learning and performance expectations.

Students are encouraged to be self-aware as learners and to consider feedback from peers and teachers when revising work.

Students are responsible for bringing the appropriate materials and resources to class and are expected to maintain their course work, binders, and portfolios in an orderly manner.