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    Full STEAM ahead!

    STEAM is a program that incorporates Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math under one umbrella in an interdisciplinary and applied approach. This exciting mix of creativity (art & design) and science (technology, engineering and math) helps students develop innovative solutions to real-life problems. This program, unique to Villa Maria, allows students to use the right and left sides of their brain. It enables them to harness their creativity and make it tangible via the principles of mathematics and science. 

    STEAM, with its focus on project-based learning, prepares students for a wide variety of CEGEP programs in the Arts, Sciences and Technology. Options such as Physics, Chemistry, Animation and Sound Engineering and Architecture allow STEAM students to prepare for a host of careers such as artists, engineers, architects, scientists, researchers, graphic designers, software developers, fashion designers and video game programmers.

    Skill sets

    • Critical analysis
    • Experimentation
    • Problem solving
    • Flexibility
    • Multidisciplinary approaches to learning
    • Programming
    • Technology
    • Research – scientific, creative, artistic
    • Engineering and design approach to real-world problems
    • Teamwork and collaboration
    • Independence and confidence building
    • Project-based learning

    Specific classes

    Architecture, Building & Design
    A historic perspective on forms, equilibrium of forces, proportions, and materials, with an understanding of the environmental impact of architecture. 

    Environmental Sciences
    Advanced scientific and technological literacy in the material world, the living world, earth, space, and the technological world. 

    Basic concepts of animation including modelling and scripting, implemented using state-of-the-art animation and game engines.

    Sound Engineering
    In this course, students make music using technology supported by music theory, orchestration and music history, while creating an animation soundtrack. 

    Fundamental principles, phenomena, and laws of the universe, focused on the central themes of mechanics and optics. A prerequisite for CEGEP science programs. 

    A course organized around five maintopics: gases, thermochemistry, reaction rates, equilibrium, and acids and bases. Enrichment topics include limiting reagents, electrochemistry and the use of significant figures.

    Independent Art Project
    The Independent Art Project is the culminating project in the STEAM profile. Students incorporate the knowledge they have acquired in science, technology, engineering and math through an artistic medium to develop a creative representation of their profile experience. Student projects are unique to their interests within the profile, and may take on several dimensions and representations. The goal of this course is to use art itself as a canvas for scientific and mathematical representation. 

    CEGEP programs

    • Commerce
    • Social Sciences
    • Arts, Literature & Communication
    • Pure and Applied Sciences
    • Health Sciences
    • Arts and Sciences
    • Environmental Sciences

    Targeted careers

    • Artists 
    • Engineers
    • Designers
    • Researchers
    • Architects
  • Entrepreneurship & Leadership

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    We mean business !

    The Entrepreneurship & Leadership profile is centred on economics, business law basics, leadership skills, innovation, and globalization for students interested in the business world. With a focus on critical thinking and effective communication, students will gain valuable experience in project management, financial management, and business model development.

    The profile’s team-building approach promotes critical analysis, out-of-the-box thinking, sustainable business practices, and innovation. It prepares students for CEGEP programs such as Commerce, Social Sciences, Liberal Arts and International Business Studies. It teaches students skill sets for careers in accounting, economics, politics, business, entrepreneurship, marketing, management, human resources, and the communications industry.

    Skill sets

    • Administration
    • Oral communication
    • Ability to synthesize content
    • Networking
    • Collaboration
    • Teamwork
    • Problem-solving
    • Writing a business plan – financing, grants, sponsorships
    • Marketing
    • Business ethics and social responsibility
    • Basic accounting – graphics, charts
    • Knowledge of leadership styles
    • Developing a start-up company
    • Financial literacy
    • Innovation and creativity
    • Technology, e-commerce, social media, Web marketing, Web design
    • Corporate law – contracts, copyright
    • Human resources
    • Crisis management
    • Self-starting, initiative

    Specific classes

    Business 101: Introduction to Entrepreneurship
    Students will learn to differentiate the various legal forms of companies and their operating methods, to develop a business plan, and understand corporate financial concepts.

    Leadership and Team Building
    The study of democratic, transformational, autocratic, and participative leadership models, and their application in business and politics at large.

    Successful Communication in the Workplace
    Communication skills within a business context, including writing effective emails, creating business briefs, and developing sales techniques while honing financial literacy.

    Building Your Business
    Students will build their own unique business from the ground up. They will work on all aspects of business development, from business plan writing to financing, marketing to deploying and finally pitching to potential investors.

    Case Studies in Business Ethics
    Sustainable development, community activism, gentrification, urban sprawl, renewable energy, and environmental concerns, seen through the lens of business ethics.

    Media & Marketing
    The role of the media in marketing products. As a final project, students will create a marketing campaign within their Building Your Business course.

    CEGEP programs

    • Commerce
    • Social Sciences
    • Liberal Arts
    • International Business Studies
    • Business / Marketing Technical Programs

    Targeted careers

    • Company president
    • Economist
    • Accountant
    • Advertising
  • Health sciences

    Discover the program

    Skills for life!

    The Health Sciences profile is an elite honours program designed for students specializing in science and mathematics. It prepares students for entry into pre-university programs, such as Pure and Applied Sciences, Health Sciences, Environmental Sciences, and Arts and Sciences, as well as career-technical programs such as Forensic Sciences, Nursing, and Pharmacy Technical Assistance.

    Students will acquire content knowledge in chemistry, biology and physics, and develop lab competencies, critical thinking, and analytical skills. Students will be involved in problem solving, experimentation, data processing and contextual analysis. In the future, students in this program will have the opportunity to enter professions in fields such as biomedical research, medicine, nursing, environmental science, engineering, biotechnology and veterinary medicine.

    Skill sets

    • Advanced lab skills
    • Critical analysis
    • Scientific literacy
    • Mathematical analysis
    • Self-directed learning
    • Clear oral and written communication
    • Mastery of teaching language (French/English)
    • In-depth research
    • Student-led projects
    • Time management
    • Team dynamics
    • Volunteerism and community involvement

    Specific classes

    Biology & Introduction to Advanced Lab Work
    Unique to Villa Maria, this course covers basic general biology principles such as evolutionary theory, ecology, viruses, bacteria, immunology and biological classification. Students learn how to use a Bunsen burner and fume hood, and are given the opportunity to practice lab skills such as micropipetting, electrophoresis and sterile techniques.

    Environmental Sciences
    A Ministry-required course for entry into Science-based CEGEP programs, also a prerequisite for entry into Secondary 5 Physics and Chemistry. Areas of study include biotechnology, ecological footprint, ecotoxicology, Mendelian genetics, physical science and stoichiometry, environmental contamination, and eutrophication.

    Critical Analysis & Ethics in Science
    Unique to Villa Maria, this course develops students’ communication and critical thinking skills, and enhances their scientific literacy and awareness through the study of current topics in science, and examination of the funding, production and publication of scientific research.

    A course organized around five main topics: gases, thermochemistry, reaction rates, equilibrium, and acids and bases. Enrichment topics include limiting reagents, electrochemistry and the use of significant figures.

    The basic components of the universe, their interactions, their forces, and their effects. The course aims to explain various phenomena and the laws that describe them, and includes a focus on biomechanics and the physics of human vision.

    Advanced Lab Skills
    Unique to Villa Maria, this course exposes students to the foundations of advanced laboratory work such as titrations, distillation, pipetting, enzyme assays and generation of standard curves. Students are prepared for CEGEP-level lab report writing and scientific analysis.

    CEGEP programs

    • Pure and Applied Sciences
    • Health Sciences
    • Environmental Sciences
    • Arts and Sciences
    • Technical Science programs

    Targeted careers

    • Doctor
    • Veterinarian
    • Nurse
    • Pharmacist
    • Researcher
    • Engineer
  • Law & international studies

    Discover the program

    A world of possibilities

    The Law & International Studies profile provides students with a firm basis in international relations, politics, law, globalization, history, and the contemporary world, opening the door to a slew of Humanities and language-based CEGEP programs. Students explore the relationships between citizens and their society, with special attention paid to political science and world cultures.

    By covering topics such as social justice, political influence, sustainable development, law, economics, and global studies, students will hone their research methodology and develop oral and written communication skills. Students will gain an understanding of social, humanitarian and global issues, as well as the rights, responsibilities and legal systems that define 21st century life. This profile helps prepare the young leaders of tomorrow to become lawyers, economists, activists, environmentalists, demographers, politicians, historians, teachers, journalists, and more. 

    Skill sets

    • Understanding of rights / Legislation and law
    • Global and local social awareness
    • Historical awareness
    • Critical analysis
    • Awareness of social justice issues
    • Open-mindedness
    • Activism and advocacy
    • Humanitarianism
    • Community involvement and engagement
    • Learning methodology
    • Conflict management
    • Research skills and methodology
    • Mastery of written and oral communication
    • Debating
    • Ethical environmental awareness

    Specific classes

    History of the 20th Century
    Modern history basics, from the Russian Revolution to the Cold War and Apartheid, as well as historical research methodology skills. 

    International Issues & Sustainable Development
    Economic, political, and socio-demographic issues facing the world today and the role that sustainable development plays in these issues. 

    Applications in Criminal & Civil Law
    Canadian and Quebec justice system basics and legal processes such as trials, proceedings, and briefs, all studied via mock-trials, debates, and courthouse visits. 

    Questions of Identity: Gender, Race & Class
    Students will cultivate an awareness of their cultural, religious, sexual, legal or territorial identity by studying past, current, and potential disparities. 

    Law & Citizenship
    Canadian and Quebec civics: political systems, democratic process, charters, the Constitution, the structure of Parliament and the National Assembly, and more.

    Journalism & Media Studies
    Journalism basics, such as research, writing, and publishing, differentiating between facts and opinions, gathering unbiased information and critically assessing sources.

    CEGEP programs

    • Commerce
    • Social Sciences:
      • Psychology
      • Law
      • Social Justice
    • Liberal Arts
    • Arts, Literature & Communication

    Targeted careers

    • Lawyer
    • Economist
    • Politician
    • Journalist



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