Education 3.0

The pedagogical vision behind the Education 3.0 project 

Villa Maria defines and redefines itself with a future-oriented educational vision designed to prepare our young people for the labour market, but also for the challenges and opportunities presented to tomorrow's society. In the future, our students will likely encounter jobs and technologies that don’t even exist yet, and we are determined to prepare them for whatever challenges they encounter.

No matter what professions our students go on to choose, they will have to constantly adapt to changing conditions. To perform in their respective fields, they will need to develop their ability to learn independently and to communicate, collaborate and create. We aim to help our students to develop their critical thinking, their resilience and their capacity for innovation.

That is why we have turned our school into a learning community. Everyone brings to the table their own unique talents and skills and grows by sharing them with one another. Over time, students find their place and gain a better understanding of themselves and their values. Their experiences of learning and discovery will guide them as they develop their own personal and professional aspirations.

Technologies are integrated with our school’s vision and support educational projects that are based on three fundamental principles:

  • Technologies are used to support learning.
  • Each student learns differently.
  • Each does his or her best when actively questioning, discovering and experiencing.

These pedagogical principles are bringing about profound changes that are leading our teachers to develop new ways of being, thinking and acting. This is why the Education 3.0 project aims to establish the conditions crucial to this change and guide teachers towards techno-pedagogical innovation.