Educational Mission

Projet éducatif

At Villa Maria, we believe in providing innovative, personalized support to guarantee our students’ development.

By offering students a challenging environment, we help them become responsible, globally oriented digital citizens.

We encourage teamwork and inspire students to be self-reliant. We offer enriched and demanding courses, combined with a variety of cultural, sports and extracurricular activities. Villa Maria lends a human dimension to private high school education by giving priority to spiritual, ethical and cultural values.

Through our educational mission, we are committed to instilling our students with:

  • Academic excellence
  • A perfect command of French and English
  • A strong science background and extensive knowledge of information technology and multimedia
  • Spiritual and ethical values
  • Openness to the arts and other cultures
  • Self-respect  and respect for others and the environment
  • Special attention to social values and community
  • A strong sense of self-confidence and an ability to meet challenges