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The whole girl for the whole world.


  • Great Villa Marians 2014
    Congratulations to the 2014 recipients of the title "Great Villa Marian": Françoise David '64 (Social Justice), Marie-Louise Gay '69 (Arts), Hélène Laurendeau ‘79 (Sciences), Rhian Wilkinson '00 (Sports) A Great Villa Marian embodies outstanding leadership, dedication and courage. She is recognized for her exceptional contribution to her chosen path and her continued search for excellence. [...]
  • Students learn about World War 1
    Villa Maria students learned about World War 1 through artifacts sent to us by the Canadian War Museum. Replicas as well as actual artifacts included uniforms, gas masks, trench maps, photographs, a trench periscope, semaphore flags, shrapnel bullets,  and much more. Students were encouraged to touch the artifacts and try them out. In this anniversary year, the display is a great tool for [...]
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